Wilmington women arrested for felony assault on officers

Delaware State News

BEAR – Delaware State Police arrested two women for felony assault on law enforcement officers after police say they acted disorderly at a Wawa in Bear early Monday and ultimately assaulted two officers.

Delaware State Police spokesman Senior Cpl. Jason Hatchell said soldiers were sent to the Wawa on Wrangle Hill Road shortly after midnight for an ongoing fight inside the store. Cpl. Hatchell said while units were responding, soldiers learned that several customers and store employees were crammed inside the manager’s office with the door locked as one of the suspects actively tried to force his way in and threatened those inside.

The soldiers confronted Ja’aonne Bell, 20, of Wilmington, and Azaina Davis, 21, of Wilmington upon arrival, who allegedly began resisting arrest, spat in the officers’ faces, assaulted them and scratched another’s face. The suspects were taken into custody and Ms Davis told officers she was hyperventilating and wanted medical attention, according to Cpl. Hatchell and EMS arrived at the scene. During the transport to the hospital, Ms Davis reportedly fought with emergency medical services personnel, but was eventually treated and released from the hospital and then returned to Troop 2.

Through investigation, it was learned that the two women had arrived at the Wawa to make a purchase, but were frustrated after leaving the building because they could not find their car keys. Cpl. Hatchell said tensions were mounting and the women demanded that Wawa employees open their car, however, the employees were unable to do so, and the two women became furious and began damaging numerous displays. and merchandise inside the store, assaulted a Wawa employee and assaulted another nearby after trying to intervene.

Police said two soldiers were treated at Christiana Hospital for exposure to bodily fluids from suspects, but the other soldiers who were assaulted did not seek medical attention.

Ms Davis was charged with second degree assault to injure a law enforcement officer, forcefully resisting arrest, second degree conspiracy, criminal mischief, property damage over $5,000 $, two counts of offensive touching with bodily fluids, offensive touching by a law enforcement officer, offensive touching, disorderly conduct and criminal nuisance.

Ms Bell was charged with forcibly resisting arrest, second degree conspiracy, criminal mischief, property damage over $5,000, offensive touching with bodily fluids, offensive touching, driving disorderly and criminal nuisance.

Both were arraigned before the Justice of the Peace in Court No. 11, Ms. Davis was released on an unsecured bond of $6,000 and Ms. Bell was released on an unsecured bond of $5,000.

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