Vehicle replacement after a tornado

After a tornado, there can be many questions about where to go and what to do, especially if you are the victim of direct damage to your home or vehicle. Here’s what we know about replacing your car after a tornado.

Complete for tornado damage

If you are hit by a tornado and your vehicle is damaged or destroyed, you may be able to have it repaired or replaced with the right insurance coverage – usually comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance policy covers damage caused by collisions and non-vehicle accidents, covering items such as broken windows, animal strikes, and storm damage.

As a general rule of thumb, if the damage to your car is not repairable or costs as much or more than the value of the vehicle, you are probably considering a total replacement. If you finance your vehicle, you probably already have the coverage you need, depending on your condition. Most lenders require borrowers to purchase comprehensive insurance, which includes a combination of liability, collision, and full coverage.

Replacement of your car

When you replace your vehicle, you should file a claim with your insurer if you believe it will be covered. If you do not have comprehensive insurance or if you do not file a claim on time, you will have to pay out of pocket for the repair or replacement of your car.

Some automakers realize that severe storms can have lasting effects and want to help those hardest hit by storms. In recent storms that hit several states with tornado damage, such as hard-hit Kentucky, some manufacturers are offering cash assistance for vehicle replacement.

Last week, automakers GM and Stellantis have started offering assistance to residents of KY who have been affected by recent tornadoes. GM is offering $ 1,000 in disaster relief bonus cash on nearly all new 2022 models for Buick, Chevy, Cadillac and GMC. This cash bonus offer is valid for residents of certain counties until February 28.

Stellantis has started offering $ 500 off select vehicle models from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, FIAT and Alfa Romeo. This can be applied to either a lease or a loan.

The advantage of these offers is that some can be combined with other offers to save eligible consumers even more.

Don’t know who to turn to?

If you don’t qualify for Manufacturer’s Disaster Relief Incentives, but still need a new vehicle after a tornado, we want to help. AT Auto Express Credit we work with a nationwide network of special finance dealers who can help borrowers find a car loan even if they are facing credit difficulties.

To be matched with a dealer registered with subprime lenders, simply complete our quick, free, no-obligation auto loan application form and we’ll work directly for you.

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