Thousands of people pass through Orlando International Airport for a holiday weekend

The busy Memorial Day travel weekend is underway as more than 60,000 passengers were expected to pass through Orlando International Airport on Sunday.

Orlando International Airport officials say they expect 800,000 passengers to pass through the airport during the six-day Memorial Day travel window. They say Memorial Day isn’t normally the busiest travel time for the airport, but expect it to be busier than normal this year.

Many passengers tell FOX 35 Orlando that they arrived at the airport hours early on Sunday before their flight just to play it safe. Some say they’ve seen theme parks get busy.

“We came to go to Universal Studios,” says a traveler. “It was very busy. We got a head start getting here on Wednesday, but we noticed this weekend how many people came into town.”

More than 24 hours before their flight, a family received a text from their airline, Frontier, saying they should arrive early before their flight on Sunday because the TSA was experiencing delays. Most airlines suggest at least two hours before your flight.

“He just said the TSA was having delays at Orlando International Airport, so keep that in mind when you walk in,” the passenger said.

If you’re traveling through the airport over the next few days, officials suggest you capture your boarding pass, try to pack some light, and if you can’t find parking, head to the new Terminal C car park as they expect it to be less crowded. .

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