No prison sentence for Georgian mother Porscha Mickens after her 5-year-old daughter Kylie died, weighing 8 pounds

Although her 5-year-old daughter died in June 2020 and was just two pounds over her birth weight, a Georgia mother will not be spending time behind bars after agreeing to a plea deal on Monday. Porscha Mickens, originally accused of starving her child to death, was sentenced to 20 years probation after pleading guilty to less serious charges, according to The Gainesville Times. The sentence comes nearly two years after tiny Kylie Mickens was brought to the hospital weighing just over seven pounds and “looking like a mummy,” a prosecutor said Monday. Porscha and her husband, Jerrail Mickens, were arrested in October 2020 and charged with murder and first degree cruelty to children. Although Jerrail was killed last November when his motorcycle crashed on a stretch of the Atlanta freeway, the case against Porscha continued. His lawyer, Corinne Mull, argued the child had a rare chromosomal deficiency known as 1p36 deletion syndrome which prevented him from gaining weight. “It’s a medical issue, not a ‘starvation’ issue,” she said. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2020. Speaking on Monday, Superior Court Judge C. Andrew Fuller agreed that no jail time was necessary. But, he added, “it goes without saying that the court sentencing does not diminish the value of Kylie’s life.”

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