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If you have a yard, deck, or patio, you can also get him a cat tent and put him in the tent for about an hour a day, depending on the weather. Being outdoors is stimulating for a cat’s mind, and the cat tent provides a safe place for them.

Over time, these suggestions should help her get tired and reset her nighttime behaviors. In the meantime, get some earplugs and a sound machine for your bedroom – and close the bedroom door (only if needed) – so you can rest.

••• Dear Cathy: I read your article on cat fights, and it was very informative. We have the same problem with our two cats who have lived together for a long time and who are now fighting. We have separated them for the moment. The older cat is almost content to be away from the younger one. I will try the pheromone diffusers, but I’m afraid of the collars because of the possible damage from cats hurting themselves with the collars. Is there a safer and truly unbreakable pheromone collar? I’m having trouble finding one. Thank you very much for your article. We will try anything you suggest. – Laurie, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Laurie: I’m glad the suggestions I made to Steven in East Meadow, New York, are helpful to you as well. I also recommend having a thorough vet exam for your older cat. Sometimes when a cat is sick, cats in the same household can suddenly “prey on” the sick cat. Let’s make sure your older feline is healthy and not suffering from silent illness. When it comes to pheromone collars, Comfort Zone makes a snap-off cat collar that you can find at any pet store or online retailer.

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