Magnolia couple charged with murder in infant death – First status update

Delaware State Police arrested a Magnolia couple for the murder of their toddler, according to Public Information Officer Master Corporal Heather Pepper.

Pepper said on Oct. 10, 2021, Delaware State Police responded to Angel Toran, 22, and the residence of HIS fiancé Ny’Jier Murphy, 24, in the 400 block of Lambert Drive in Magnolia with the Division of Family Services (DFS) to verify the welfare of an infant.

DFS has received reports that an infant may have died at home, and the death has not been reported to authorities. When the soldiers first arrived at the residence, Toran and Murphy were not at home but arrived soon after. When soldiers contacted Murphy, a concealed Glock 19 Model 9mm handgun was observed in a holster on his hip. A computer investigation determined that Murphy did not possess a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon in the state of Delaware, Pepper said.

The Delaware State Police’s Homicide and Major Crimes Unit investigated the infants’ deaths. Pepper said the investigation determined Angel Toran gave birth to a baby girl at home in April 2021, and the child’s birth was never reported to the state. In mid-September, the baby died at the age of five months. The death was never reported and the baby was buried on the property according to Pepper. The infant’s body was exhumed from the property on October 11, 2021 and turned over to the Division of Forensic Sciences for an autopsy to be performed.

Through investigative means, it was determined that the infant was severely malnourished and had succumbed to medical issues associated with malnutrition. As a result, the Attorney General’s office approved the charges against Toran and Murphy, and warrants were obtained for their arrest.

On February 10, 2022, Toran and Murphy responded to Delaware State Police Troop 3. When Ny’Jier Murphy was told of his arrest warrant by soldiers, he resisted arrest and was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Toran was arrested without incident.

This investigation remains active and ongoing. Additional charges, including resisting arrest resulting from Murphy’s actions at Troop 3, are pending.

Angel Toran was charged with;

Murder by first degree abuse or neglect recklessly causing the death of a child (felony)
First degree conspiracy (felony)

Toran was brought before Justice of the Peace #2 and released into the custody of the Department of Correction on a cash bond of $260,000.00.

Ny’Jier Murphy has been charged;

Murder by first degree abuse or neglect recklessly causing the death of a child (felony)
First degree conspiracy (felony)
Carrying a concealed deadly weapon (crime)

Murphy was arraigned by the Justice of the Peace in Court No. 2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Facility on $270,000.00 cash bond.

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