Highs will reach near 100° in some areas

Grab a bottle of water, walk the dogs early, and turn on the air conditioning—it’s going to be hot in central Florida on Thursday!

Heat Notice are in effect until 7 p.m. Friday for the west and north viewing areas. Orlando, Sanford and Ocala could all see highs of 98 degrees. Palm Coast will approach 100 degrees!

The heat index or the impression that temperatures range from 104 to 112 degrees during the peak afternoon heat. Showers and thunderstorms develop after 4 p.m., but not all locations will see a refreshing shower. Coverage rises to around 30%, with chances fading after sunset.


Thursday at the amusement parks will be great! Sizzling highs near 98 degrees will be common for the afternoon. Chances of rain appear after 4 p.m. with chances of around 30%. There could be heavy showers and lots of lightning.

Park visitors should do everything possible to stay cool. Hydration, sunscreen and breaks in the air conditioning will do the body good!

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Looks like a super hot day by the sea today. Low-mid 90s for highs, dry skies. The surf is in the 1-2′ range with mixed swell. The risk of rip current is moderate.

Temperatures will reach super hot peaks in the upper 90s through Friday. After that, the numbers drop for the weekend, but the chance of rain skyrockets as the tropical humidity rolls in. Weekend rain cover is around 70%. A few stronger thunderstorms will be possible each afternoon, especially on Friday.

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