Bait shop owner goes gold mining in Area 51

The news that Joe Kruchowski had sold his bait shop and was moving to Area 51 didn’t take me by surprise, although I was pissed off when I learned he wouldn’t be traveling in his ’76 AMC Pacer.

Instead, he will walk in a more conventional way, in a motorhome, behind which, on a trailer, will follow his Nissan Juke NISMO RS, a rocket on wheels.

Area 51, as you will remember, is in Nevada, and Joe and his wife, Kelly, bought a gold mine there.

As careers change, it’s a huge one, from peddling fathead minnows and minnows to crushing rocks. But then, as Golden Earring frontman Barry Andrew Hay sang in “Radar Love,” “Every night the reporter sang the same song.”

So who’s to say in these wacky times that huge life changes aren’t warranted.

Baitwise, Joe has been the man since he bought Northwoods Bait and Tackle in 1993. The store is perched near the freeway. 53 in Cook, a town in northern Minnesota that is home to just over 500 residents. Joe could hawk more rainbow chub than anyone in the state, and anglers heading north from Chicago, Kansas City and Des Moines, as well as the Twin Cities, are drawn to his shop like sinners to an altar, eager especially now in midsummer to trade solvent plastic or cold cash for night owls, leeches and, above all, a glimpse of where do they bite.

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