Affordable Florida Beach Towns Perfect for Your Next Vacation

Close your eyes and imagine your happy place. What do you see? Sandy shores, a deep blue ocean, swaying palm trees? Do you hear the sound of the waves and the call of the seagulls? Are you already starting to smell the salty surf and taste the pina colada? If your idea of ​​a ticket to paradise means being somewhere knee-deep in water (and somewhere is the beach), congratulations because you’ve officially been admitted to the Southern Beach Lovers Club. No, it’s not a real club. But yes, we take our involvement quite seriously.

Being a southern beach lover means taking annual, even semi-annual, trips to fuel our obsession. But that doesn’t mean cashing in our savings and flying off to some exotic location to do it. Whether we choose the Sea Islands of South Carolina, the Golden Isles of Georgia, or the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Southerners know that the best beaches are in our own backyards and don’t cost a fortune to to visit.

Of course, you can’t talk about beach destinations without mentioning Florida. And for those looking for a beach vacation without breaking the bank, Florida is key…or should we say Keys. The Sunshine State is home to dozens of small beach towns ready to welcome you for a weekend getaway. Think quaint cafes, colorful shops, and uninterrupted views with barely a high-rise condo or $5 souvenir sign in sight. Here are 10 cheap Florida beach towns to consider for your next vacation.

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